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EXCLUSIVE | Merchant Archive LA BICYCLETTE AW15 Movie


 “Bicycling has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world.”

- 1896 Susan B. Anthony


The Merchant Archive AW: 15 Collection is a sartorial celebration of cycling, which nods to the evolution in women’s clothing that bicycling enabled; from the cinched waist double skirt, to the freedom of the mannish riding suit.


As women learned to ride bicycles they not only gained physical mobility that broadened their horizons beyond the neighbourhoods in which they lived, they discovered a new-found sense of freedom of movement, a freedom previously circumscribed by the cumbersome fashions of the Victorian era as well as by Victorian sensibilities.


The MA girl is interested and interesting, she is present and wise, dark and effortlessly light.


Movie Credits:
Director: Charlie Targett-Adams
Stylist: Natalie Brewster
Art Director: Mary Lees
DoP: Vanessa Whyte
Music: Bramante
Produced by: Charli Davis & Janneke Verhoeven @ Gelardin Management
Line Producer: Eilidh Robertson
Movi & Drone Operators: Marcus & Luke Ellingham @ Brother Film Co
Editor: Marcus Ellingham @ Brother Film Co
Colourist: Luke Morrison @ The Mill
Gaffer: Colin Holloway
Set Design: Vicky Lees
Hair Stylist: Simon Maynard
Make-Up Artist: Thom Walker
Models: Lizzie Tovell, Carolina & Anushka @Next, Abigail @ IMG, Kayley Ashworth
Runners: Noemi Varga & Emma Hamilton
Drone + Movi supplied by: Brother Film Co
Lights supplied by: Eyelights
Bicycles supplied by: Isambard's Cycles