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Merchant Archive SS17

The SS17 collection largely inspired by Cezanne’s Apples takes colour inspiration from his work. There is often an emotional tie to the creative,” says Sophie. “My family grow apples and I remember as a young child pushing open the door to the apple house with a creak and being hit by the incredible scent of stored apples. I hope this comes across in the film. I wanted the viewer to almost be pushing open that door, being hit by that scent.”

Shapes are developed from Victorian apple pickers clothing. The practicality of that clothing is amended for the Merchant Archive client who is very much about luxury elements. There’s joy in starting with something quite utilitarian and making it exceptionally decadent,” continued Sophie. With this in mind the brand works with denim for the first season. An apple design, developed for the collection, is printed in the UK on silk organza and woven into a lame jacquard in a 200 year old French mill.

Merchant Archive continues to look back at the Archive, revolving and reforming to create a collection, which is of our time yet timeless. Simplicity and detail in equal measures remains core to the label, as does a continued commitment to craftsmanship and making the collection as much as possible in the UK with British and European cloths.